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No Obligation – Honest Savings Estimate

Wondering what the gimmick is?  We hate to disappoint but there really isn’t any.  We charge a percentage of the money we are able to save.  That’s it.  No gimmick.  The more we save you, the better it is for both of us.

Simple Relief

We understand the pain of being buried by huge medical bills and we’re here to help. There is a way out and we have the relationships and experience to make it happen.

Ducit specializes in all types of medical bill negotiation.

Over 30 years experience in dealing with Insurance and Hospitals on behalf of our customers nationally.

Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism is a great way to get the care you need.  Use the doctor or treatment you need and we’ll take care of the rest!  Ducit will negotiate a deeply discounted rate for your procedure while you focus on staying healthy.

Elective Surgery
Elective Surgery

Looking for a treatment or procedure that falls outside of the scope of your health care provider or doctor?  We can guide you through the process!  Ducit will pre negotiate the needed procedure and save you a lot of money.

Attorney Clients
Attorney Clients

We’re alway happy to support good attorney’s taking care of their clients.  Send us your medical bills and we’ll negotiate a fair price.  All we need is for you to contact us.  We’ll take care of the rest!


We’re happy to serve your needs!  We’ll negotiate the best rates possible for your employee’s medical coverage.  Ask us about our monthly rates!  It’s a very economical solution for medium / large companies.

Out Of Network Care
Out Of Network Care

Your health care provider doesn’t cover the service you need?  We can take care of that!  Pre, post and long term care are a few of the services we can negotiate.  Let us know what else you might need.  We can help.

Long Term Care
Long Term Care

Rehabilitation, burn recovery, organ transplants and long term care can be crushing for patients and families.  Let us negotiate your bills and pre negotiate prices for needed procedures!

$49 Bill Review

Not quite ready to fully commit?  Get a comprehensive bill review first!  We charge a flat $49 fee that will be credited back to you upon successfully saving you money.

There Is a Way Out

Don’t let medical bills crush your family!

Insurance Carriers do not always cover the services that you trust to be the best option.

Whether completely out of pocket, covered under insurance, or an elective procedure; let Ducit advocate on your behalf.  We provide the help you need to get out from under massive bills.

Don’t miss out on industry insight regarding provider billing practices, procedure codes, billing tricks, and historical trends.  The inflation rate in the healthcare industry year after year has rendered Americans with unaffordable options; an epidemic with no end in sight.  It is time for patients to take control rather than be pushed around by this trillion dollar industry.

Stay Safe with Ducit Health

We work hard to keep your information safe.  With an perfect track record, SSL 128 Bit Encrypted Security and a Better Business Bureau accreditation you can have confidence that we have your best interest in mind.  Let us help you with you save money on your medical bills.

We negotiate medical bills

in all 50 states!

The world of Healthcare and Medical Billing can be overwhelming.  Don’t be taken advantage of!  Ducit helps customers from around the world save money on their medical bills from any US based doctor.  Let us help you.

Below are a few real world examples of the money and percent of medical bills that we’ve helped customers save.

Here are some real world examples of what our customers have saved!

Ramiro G. (TX) • $393,369 79%
Dallas S. (LA) • $22,554 20%
Rosa A. (CA) • $49,874 81%
Dean S. (CO) • $11,140 61%
Richard P. (WV) • $4,818 35%
Robert D. (CT) • $5,184 20%
Jaime G. (TX) • $9,206 82%
Harry V. (SC) • $4,552 48%
Ducit Medical Bill Negotiation

How Does It Work?

The process is simple.  You submit your medical bills to Ducit.  We review them and contact you with your estimated savings and contract.  Once you have agreed to save money on your bills, our team of professional negotiators go to work. We don’t collect a dime until the negotiations are done and you’re happy with the results!

Ducit Medical Bill Negotiation

When disaster strikes.

You rely on the experts to take control over your life and future by giving you the best care available.  While finances are not the immediate concern, emergency services are expensive.  Did you know that this financial burden is often times inflated in an effort to collect as much as possible to offset those emergency cases that go unpaid?  This cost shifting has nothing to do with you.  Let us empower you through line by line education over your medical bill; exposing what is egregious versus fair and reasonable.

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We want to help you and your family but it’s up to you!  Be a hero and let us be your guide. We’ve helped save families an average of 59% on their medical bills and you’re next in line.

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